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"darling. you are ready for so many fabulous things."

i don’t care, where you’ve been, how many miles, i still love you

15-16 / 50 favorite pictures of Chris Evans


for gotbucky~

because every fandom needs rainy kiss fanart



tumblr is shit. 4chan is sshit. reddit is shit the only good website is bad dragon dot com

there are people in the reblogs of this post who are going to bad dragon for the first time not knowing what it is because of this post and I’ve never been more delighted


by harmonia3784


If you’re in public and you can’t figure out a stranger’s gender, follow these steps:

  • Don’t worry about it.


i’m literally about to cry this is so cute





If you’re blue and you dont know where to go to why dont you go to Wallmart
(im an idiot)

this is the most important video on the tumblr

My favorite part is the lady in the background NOT NOTICING ANYTHING

that lady is my mother and 1000% used to my bullshit.


I also love “Marius, what’s wrong today?” because I always hear it like “What’s wrong today?”, which implies that there’s something wrong with Marius most days.

Which is, as we know, probably true.

"Being white means never having to think about it."

James Baldwin (via intellocgent)